operate and control the direction and speed
of a motor vehicle.

Recently I just had to pause my early morning drive;

and pull over, to capture this image.










paths trails

a path through a countryside, mountain, or forest area,

often made or used for a particular purpose.


These track in Sauage Tree Safari Camp grounds…

…were reminiscent of many tracks I had travelled

on my way to work in New South Wales. 

Once off the road I was faced with criss crossing trails

and only felt better about it when my

travelling companion said

…don’t worry they all lead to the (Wool) Shed.


After several hours seemingly following

old wheel ruts through Botwswana’s

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans…


…we eventually arrived at our destination,

Lekhubu Island








On Friday, november 04, we ventured over to Melbourne,

only our second visit since the Pandemic commenced,

to visit the Monet & Friends Exhibit

at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

As we were leaving we passed through

a room full of artificial flowers which I hope

are suitable for entering in FOTD Challenge.

I daresay that Down Under may be last, or first,

on the list of places to visit.

  So, if you have seen the exhibit in a nearby city,

you will be able to attest to its beauty.

If you have not seen this exhibit, may I recommend it?