a line that marks the limits of an area;
a dividing line.

Parking one’s vehicle within the boundary set

by developers or councils is becoming

increasingly difficult as car parks

shrink in length and width.

It almost appears that we are being forced

into smaller cars.










a very small drop of a liquid.

Water droplets add interest to roses…


…or a car wash…

….however, this rusty wire netting and spider web came alive

when nature’s jewels paid a visit.





citrus sinensis

also known as the sweet oranges,
is a commonly cultivated family of oranges
that includes blood oranges and navel oranges.


I am uncertain if it is only a colour challenge

or if samples of oranges are required.

Therefore I have mixed it up a bit…


…and included some fruit and

some simple colours.


Our little orange tree does not produce

very good fruit for eating.

Inner Melbourne is home

to this image.


I captured this image at Rigi, near Lucerne, Switzerland.

  It took quite a while before I realised that these

were not oranges and looked more like pumpkins.

Whatever they are, I have no idea if they were real or artificial.


While speaking of pumpkins…


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Colour-Citrus-Sinensis





On Friday we ventured over to Melbourne,

only our second visit since the Pandemic commenced,

to visit the Monet & Friends Exhibit

at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

As we were leaving we passed through

a room full of artificial flowers which I hope

are suitable for entering in FOTD Challenge.

I daresay that Down Under may be last, or first,

on the list of places to visit.

  So, if you have seen the exhibit in a nearby city,

you will be able to attest to its beauty.

If you have not seen this exhibit, may I recommend it?