a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery
or development.

A major breakthrough in recent times

was developing vaccines

to combat COVID-19.










Black and White Challenge.


A helicopter was the ideal way to see

all of Victoria Falls


Diesel engines pulling rolling stock.


Vintage Car

Farmall Tractor

Motor power paves the way

for pedal power

Vacuum Cleaner

A nail gun has a motor of sorts.

Last, but not least,

a vintage wedding car








On Friday we ventured over to Melbourne,

only our second visit since the Pandemic commenced,

to visit the Monet & Friends Exhibit

at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

As we were leaving we passed through

a room full of artificial flowers which I hope

are suitable for entering in FOTD Challenge.

I daresay that Down Under may be last, or first,

on the list of places to visit.

  So, if you have seen the exhibit in a nearby city,

you will be able to attest to its beauty.

If you have not seen this exhibit, may I recommend it?