Felix Francis


Lawyer Harry Foster decided he had had enough of drawing up wills and decided to change his job and now works for a London company dealing in Crisis management.

Harry is despatched to find out how, or why, a sheik’s horse died in a stable blaze.   However, considering Harry has no love for horses and has never been near a race track, he has no desire to investigate this fire although things begin to look brighter after meeting Katie.

As well as several horses a body was also discovered in the ashes.  The body is so badly burned identifying it becomes another problem.  When the body is identified the stable becomes a crime scene.

The investigation becomes bogged down when the family who owns the stable and trains horses are reluctant to divulge family secrets to Harry.

Crisis moves along quite nicely and the narrator does a very good job of providing character voices.

I thoroughly enjoyed Felix Francis’ Crisis.  I have met some readers who are not overly thrilled by another horse novel.  However, I find stories about or surrounding the British Horse Racing industry very enjoyable.


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a strong open vehicle with two or four wheels,
typically used for carrying loads
and pulled by a horse.

I refer to these vehicles as carts,

probably better known as a bullock dray.

Definitely a cart.

A gorilla cart to be precise.