Book Review-Over-My-Dead-Body

Over My Dead Body

(William Warwick #4)


Jeffery Archer


While still smarting from Miles Faulkner’s escape and subsequent ‘death’ towards the end of ‘Turn A Blind Eye’, Over My Dead Body, number 4 in the William Warwick Series sees William promoted to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector in charge of Unsolved Murders…cold cases.

Millionaire Miles Faulkner is still playing his old games.  He attended his own funeral, has taken on a new identity and plans to remarry his former wife and all the while being represented, in all things legal and illegal, by Mr Booth Watson

I have read Over My Dead Body and listened to it twice and still find it difficult to write about.   This could be due to the fact that it is number four in a fairly predictably storyline where Choirboy can do no wrong and always gets the bad guy… eventually.

George Blagden’s narration of the audio version of Over My Dead Body was excellent, making both experiences very enjoyable.

Over my Dead Body is definitely another page-turner from the pen of Jeffery Archer, and one which Archer fans will enjoy.

I have rated

Over My Dead Body

as a

four-star read


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Over My Dead Body

an average of 4.13 stars

from 7,470 ratings

and 619 reviews.


Over My Dead Body

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