Book Review-One-Good-Deed

One Good Deed

(Archer #1)


David Baldacci

Upon reading the blurb I was not all that keen on reading One Good Deed, as is set in 1949 before mobile phones, television and the internet were widely used.  One Good Deed, however, is a Baldacci book so I persevered.  And I am so pleased I did as the story moved along briskly, as do all of Baldacci’s books.

The main character, Aloysius Archer, a parolee, after serving his country during World War 2 and time in Carderock Prison had been told to meet his parole officer in Poca City.

During their first meeting Archer’s Parole Officer, who just happens to be an attractive young woman, reinforces the list of dos and don’ts he received upon his release from Carderock.

However, with his immediate past address being a prison, Archer becomes the prime suspect when the first of a series of murders occur.  In league with Detective Shaw, Archer works on solving all the murders which occur in or near Poca City.

One Good Deed is certainly well worth a read for anyone who likes the whodunit genre and I am certain Baldacci fans will enjoy One Good Deed as much as I did.

I rated

One Good Deed

as a five-star read.


Other Goodreads readers have rated

One Good Deed

an average of 4.10 stars

from 39,110 ratings

and 3,019 reviews.


One Good Deed

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