to wait or move in a secret way so that you cannot be seen,

 especially because you are about to attack someone

or do something wrong


How can one eat a meal when two youngsters

are lurking nearby waiting to pounce?











a visible mass of condensed watery vapour
floating in the atmosphere, typically high above
the general level of the ground.


Potential rain clouds

Light cloud cover


Distant rain.

These clouds had cars floating

in Geelong streets


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Clouds






Nothing like the first bubacino of the day!

Weeping cherry getting ready to bloom



Sisters together

Tides out, temperature low, water steaming.

So concentrated was I on the sunrise, to the left of shot,

that I almost missed this action.

Definitely a favourite find while out shooting.


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bent or twisted out of shape,
typically as a result of the effects
of heat or damp.

I have tried to give these scraps to people

with wood-burning heaters, only to

be met with less than enthusiastic thanks

simply because it was damp.

Well, people with wood burners,

I now have a project which will suit

these warped scraps down to the ground.