cause (a wound, injury, or person)
to become sound or healthy again.

In 2019 I had my Right knee replaced after

many years of enduring the pain

of an old football injury.


In early 2021 I again became tired

of bone banging aginst bone and decided

that it was time for my left knee to be repaired.

It healed much quicker than the right one did.

There was none of the bruising

associated with my right knee.











I used images from a nearby car show

for my two coloured photos this week.

However, some may not consider

white to be a colour.

Initially, I thought this was an Australian-made

Holden from the early 1960s.

Then I noticed what appears to be a

steering wheel and driver on the left side.




Perhaps an EK Holden Sedan circa 61-62


A 61-62 EK Holden Station Wagon.

Look Carefully and you can just see

the steering wheel on the right-hand side.






(of a bird, bat, or insect) move through
the air using wings.

Not a bat, bird or insect…


…however, both require and make use of their wings.


I think this may be one of my favourite photos.


I was focused on the agapanthus

and only noticed the airborne bee

once the image was on my computer.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Fly