one of a set of explicit or understood regulations
or principles governing conduct or procedure
within a particular area of activity.

10 Rules of Australian Rules Football. 

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1.     When a player catches a kick greater than 15 metres it’s called a ‘mark’ and results in a free kick. (or handball, to the player who caught the ball)

2.     Player can only pass the ball with their hands using a handball – punching the ball from one hand with the alternate fist.

3.     Tackling must be lower than the shoulders and higher than the waist.

4.     If a player is tackled with the football and has had chance for prior disposal that’s ‘holding the ball’ and it’s a free kick to the other team. 

5.     If the ball goes out of bounds it’s a throw in. (by the boundary umpire)

6.     If the ball is kicked out of bounds on the full it’s a free kick to the other team. (to the player who was nearest to where the ball crossed the boundary line)

7.     When a goal is scored the ball is returned to middle for the centre bounce and the two (opposing)  ruckman tap for it.

8.     When a player is running with the ball they have to bounce every 15 metres.

9.     A player can shepherd another player using their body if they’re within 5 metres of the ball. (shepherd:…bump or otherwise hinder the progress of opposition player while protecting their own player)

10.  Free kick is awarded against a player if they: throw, trip, push in the back, hold the man, run too far, hold the ball, high tackle, kick in danger or kick out on the full.

Now whether you have watched hundreds of AFL games or just a handful, there are always new terminologies that you will hear from the commentators.

Contested possession: a possession achieved as result of winning a contest

Clearance: clearing of the ball out of a stoppage situation.

Disposal: a statistical term indicating that a player disposed the ball legally by hand or foot.

Fat side: an imaginary area of the ground that indicates the greatest space occupied by the least number of players.

Hit-out: a tap by the ruckman to a team’s advantage.

Inside-50: the act of running, marking or passing the ball inside the 50-metre arc.

Touched: a term to indicate that a ball was touched by another player after being kicked and therefore can’t be marked.

Smother: the act of stopping of a kick immediately after it leaves the boot.

Speccy: short for an amazing mark.

That’s as precise as it gets in explaining the game of AFL and might save you a few questions whilst watching the game.

Source: Aussie Rules Football