a critical appraisal of a book, play, film, etc.
published in a newspaper or magazine.

Whenever I prepare a book review I endeavour

to give readers a rough idea of the plot and,

more importantly, whether I liked it or not.

I also rate the book out of 5 stars.


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Book Review-Fallen-Empire-#4

Fallen Empire

Dirty Empire Book #4


Nina West/K. A. Tucker



Following hot on the heels of book three, Fallen Empire continues the story of the Easton Family and Gabriel and Caleb’s efforts to free themselves from their father’s (Vlad Easton) world of drugs.

Gabriel and Caleb want to free themselves from Vlad’s world so they can focus on their club and perhaps buy a Casino.  Although in jail Vlad gets wind of this and has Mercy Wheeler (Gabriel’s girlfriend) kidnapped by Bane, a rather unsavoury character, to say the least, in order to force Gabriel into doing as Vlad orders.  Vlad still has a long reach even from behind bars.

As the body counts mount it becomes clear that being related to, or working for the Easton Family is a dangerous pastime.  Particularly when Father Vlad is ordering the hits from his prison cell.

How and will Gabriel and Caleb be able to safely escape their father’s control? Or will one or both become part of the body count?  What will become of Mercy?

A rather gory but enjoyable finale to the Dirty Empire series.  I noticed in my book 3 review I had mentioned that the bedroom (Books 1 & 2) was not overshadowing the storyline.  A similar comment is applicable to Fallen Empire (Book 4).   Whilst the bedroom is mentioned not infrequently, that’s as far as it goes.  Fallen Empire is all about business.

I found Fallen Empire to be another page-turner

from the pen of Nina West and rated Fallen Empire as a three-star read


I rated

Fallen Empire

as a



At the time of completing my review

other Goodreads readers

have awarded

Fallen Empire

an average of 4.00 stars

from 2,294 ratings

and 146 reviews.


Fallen Empire

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Fishpond, and Amazon

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