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Rachael Treasure

Initially, I thought Down Dirt Roads sounded like a collection of short stories.  In a manner of speaking, I guess that is what it was.  However, it was written in an autobiographical style and narrated by Jennifer Vuletic.  Down Dirt Roads is a story of the author’s own life and farming ideas.  One with which I could relate very easily.


As a teenager, I often asked why we did something in such a manner, particularly when I had seen and completed the same task in a much easier way.   Depending on who I was speaking to there was one of two answers. 

 The first answer was: ‘Because we have always done it this way.’ 

The second was: ‘There’s your way and the right way.’

Basically, these were the same responses our author received when she wanted to try something different.

She also hit a brick wall when her marriage failed.  It was not He who had to move off the family farm, rather it was She.  Miss Treasure had to up-end her life where she was raised, take her children out of their nearby school and find somewhere else to live.

Down Dirt Roads was not the sort of story that I would normally read, however it was an enjoyable audiobook.

 I rated

Down Dirt Roads

as an enjoyable

 three-star audiobook


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads had awarded

 Down Dirt Roads

 an average of 3.96 stars,

 from 181 ratings,

and 18 reviews.


Down Dirt Roads

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