make (an idea or situation) clear to someone
by describing it in more detail or
revealing relevant facts.

A Tower of London explaining various

points of interest to tourists







Never Forget Me


Jennifer Bacia


Never Forget Me was my second of Jennifer Bacia’s novels and will not be my last.

Tess Jordan and her friends spent her teen years squatting anywhere she could find a warm and dry place to sleep on the streets of New York City.  During her teens, Tess was always ambitious and planning her next step in life.  By the time Tess had reached her mid-thirties, she had become Hollywood’s most powerful female executive heading up the World Link Studios.  Tess’ ambition was to make a film about Elizabeth Eden; an actress who died under interesting circumstances some twenty years earlier.

Upon receiving a green light, from the studio owner and his legal team, to make the movie, the movie lot on which it was to be made was destroyed and the deaths of people associated with Elizabeth Eden also rose.    Combine this with a Presidential Election on the horizon and the son of a past-favoured president as the likely winner and we have the potential for a Hollywood movie.

I am a fan of this novel’s political intrigue and thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer Bacia’s, Never Forget Me.  I believe it is a well-written novel with enough twists, turns and intrigue to keep most readers interested.

I will keep reading her books in future months.


I rated

Never Forget Me

as a solid

five-star read


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Never Forget Me

an average of 4.43 stars

from 7 ratings

 and 0 reviews


Never Forget Me

can be purchased online at

BooktopiaFishpond and Amazon











the furthest or most extreme part of something.

One end…


…and the other end of an elephant.


The northernmost end of our 2018 holiday

was Wiseman, Alaska,

located 63 miles inside

the Arctic Circle.

For the record, according to Google

Wiseman is 8,040 miles or 12,939.13 km

  from Geelong


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…End






more than one


Yellow-Billed Hornbills


Lions eyes


Although the traffic is light,

there are still multiple vehicles

on the road.


Signs to multiple places



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Multiple