a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food,
coupled with the desire to eat.

Taji is always telling me that she feels weak

due to a lack of food…

…and she always possesses a desire to eat.










put (something) in a prominent place
in order that it may readily be seen.
In 2018 I was asked to participate in a local Arts Trail


Some of my photos were put on display at a

nearby hall for the weekend

along with many other participants…


….most of whom were artists like this one.


It was a great social weekend, however,

the following year funding was pulled

and all participants had to supply

their own studio to display their

works of art…and we all know

what happened in 2020…





Commencing with…


…Moorabool Valley…


From Point Nepean with

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

in the distance.

All shipping must negotiate the

narrow and shallow stretch

of water in between as they

enter and leave Port Phillip Bay.

From the Point Lonsdale side

A freighter heading for the

open water of Bass Strait


Torquay Surf

Torquay Beach