Lush greens…


…of Canada’s…

…Butchart Gardens…

…which are…

…located on…


…British Columbia’s

Vancouver Island…


…about a twenty-minute…


…bus trip out…

…of the City of Victoria.



   Amanda                                Sandi       


5 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday21-Green

  1. Lovely photos of another part of Canada that I haven’t visited .. yet. As a tourist, I do believe that you’ve seen more than I have of my country!


      • Younger …. when these photos were taken? or further back?

        On Vancouver Island, I often marvel at the van-life chosen by some people here. These are typically young people who’ve outfitted their van’s as mobile homes. It’s the cheapest living option for avid surfers. Others are visitors who’re either at that beginning or end of a cross-Canada trek.


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