Book Review-Hot-Pies-on-the-Tram-Car

Hot Pies on the Tram Car


Sheila Newberry


I commenced the audio version of Hot Pies on the Tram Car with reasonably positive expectations.   However, my expectations were squashed beyond repair I am afraid.

I found it difficult to concentrate on driving and following this book’s convoluted plot.  Therefore, it may be a better read than audio.  At least when I read a book I can interpret characters the way I see them.

Hot Pies on the Tram Car was set in the 1920s between World War I and the Great Depression approached.

Living above the family pie shop, Florence is renowned for the pies she makes and she is always ready to help her house full of family and friends.

Because Hot Pies on the Tram Car was at least the third ‘period’ novel, this year, it may well be my last for a while.

I have rated

Hot Pies on the Tram Car

as a

audiobook at best.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Hot Pies on the Tram Car

an average of 3.96 stars

from 179ratings

and 17 reviews.


Hot Pies on the Tram Car

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