an arithmetical value, expressed by a word, symbol,
or figure, representing a particular quantity
and used in counting and making calculations.



…followed by learning to tell the time.


For the first twenty or so years birthday numbers,

mark important stages of our lives. 

Then we try and forget that we are getting a tad older

with each and every birthday.


During my late teens and early twenties,

it was a must to know the address

and opening hours of the local burger store

especially on a Saturday night.


During my late teens, I was introduced to these

numbers and for a couple of years joined local

football tipping competitions. 

It took that long to realise that if I had

a bad week (of tipping) it was highly unlikely

that I could catch the leaders during the rest of the year.


During our twenties as begin to branch out from home

for work and/or travel, these numbers tend to rule

our lives as we learn to budget as we fend for ourselves.


Without these numbers, I would not have known

that this monument was erected, by

public subscription on July 19, 1896.


As our offspring age…


…which means we have also aged…

…these numbers suddenly become

vitally important to all but the very lucky.




5 thoughts on “Sunday-Stills22-0606-Numbers

  1. You have managed to make mundane numbers look intriguing and beautiful, Don! I like that sign nestles in the nectarines. It’s also fun for an American like me to read the liters and other metrics numbers.


    • On February 14, 1966 Australia officially adopted decimal currency, because we were told that Uncle Sam was going to go decimal as well. I guess our pollies were not told when the USA was going to change. 😆😆🤔🤔🤔🤔

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      • I might have been old enough to remember the talk of changing. We studied it in elementary school. I never did learn it. However my hubby spent the first 6 years in Chile and still understands that system.


      • I’m a goose Terri! Totally forgot that you have only ever had decimal currency. The change to decimal currency was a big enough change, let alone the changes to distances and speed. Weight went metric a few years later if my memory is correct. It does make it very easy to relate to European weights and measures though.

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