practical contact with and observation of facts or events

A few years ago My Good Wife decided that we would

take a Hot Air Balloon ride over Melbourne

to celebrate our wedding anniversary.


It did eventuate on our second try….the first time

being cancelled at 0345 the morning of the event

due to higher than wanted winds.

Ever since with the exception of COVID years,

it has been a wedding anniversary experience 


Earlier this year our experience was a day trip to

Craigs Hut which was featured

in the 1980-81 movie

The Man From Snowy River


Tom Burlinson and Kirk Douglas

At 1450 m (4757 feet) above sea level, even in early April

warm clothing was a must.




5 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk313_Experience

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  2. I loved that film so very much. 🙂 ❤ Thanks so much for the reminder of it.

    I have yet to fly in a hot air balloon. But I now have a very good friend in Albuquerque, NM, which hosts one of the world's biggest festivals, and she has a standing invitation to come anytime. So, perhaps some day soon?


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