eat, drink, or ingest
(food or drink)

Taji will stop dead in her racks to locate

a previously undiscovered morsel she

has caught the scent off.

And as soon as she worked out how to remove food

from her kong, she was able to consume a feed

from the kong nearly as quickly as from her bowl.

  Considering the kong was supposed to slow her eating

we rated it an epic fail.






pressing matters


Sadly, or perhaps happily, I can remember

the pre-power days prior to 1956

when ironing was done by irons

that had to heat up on the woodstove.

Today, this is where the ironing is done.

It’s marvellous how quickly we repurposed bedrooms

after the boys left home!

If it is a real emergency or perhaps a work shirt

(outdoors, not office work)

the round iron (tumble dryer) will suffice.

One thing I do when drying shirts is to remove

them from the dryer while still damp

and then iron them.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Pressing-Matters