a countless or extremely great number
of people or things.

This winter will be our sixteenth since we left farming life behind.

During that time we have tried a myriad of

plants and flowers in our garden.

We have endured severe frosts, severe heat,

drought and hot and cold winds.

Now when seeking out a new plant to add to our garden,

it must, at the very least, must tolerate all of

the above conditions before it gets

a ride home with us.











Black and White Challenge.


Two Yellow-Billed Hornbill’s

Kruger National Park

South Africa

A pair of horses feet


Great Britain

Two lady’s boots

Giraffe Horns

Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa


Two Rhinos


Leopard’s feet

Kruger National Park

South Africa

Harpist’s feet



Musician’s hands

South Africa

Huggers in Melbourne

Pair of lion cubs

South Africa

Horses on a cold foggy morning

Moorabool Valley


Two trees

Moorabool Valley










The Horned Dungbeetle can pull up to 1141 times

its own body weight which is the equivalent of

an average man lifting two fully-laden

18-wheeler trucks.


Baby Elephant is the one that gets me smiling.

It was definitely telling us where to go

with its newfound trunk control.


Our resident New Holland Honeyeater mum (I think) was

giving me a right telling off when I captured this image.

Since then, and more likely,

I think she may have been talking

to wayward offspring.

This little one is our adored granddaughter.

She only has around nine weeks before

she will have to share the limelight with a sibling.

Another 8 weeks thereafter she will

have a cousin…all being well in both camps.



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