an impressive display or range
of a particular type of thing

The nearby Old Courthouse at Steiglitz…

…has an array of tools and knick-knacks

from the gold rush era on display.





divide into or mark with an arrangement of
squares of different colour or character.

The floor of Melbourne’s

Royal Arcade

has always been covered with

checkered tiles












a large area of flat land with few trees.
(of a bird or an airborne object) soar
without moving the wings; glide.


I think Botswana’s

Kalahari Desert…

…fits the

…large area of flat land with few trees…

definition of plains


Planes from all over at Johannesburg’s

O.R. Tambo Airport

South Africa


A sea, or float, plane

Muddy River

British Columbia



Brtish Airways leaving Heathrow Airport


Jet Fighter deploys anti-missile countermeasures

at the Australian International Airshow.

Also known as the

Avalon or Geelong Airshow.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Plane-Plain









denoting a toy, especially a model of an animal,
that is padded or spongy and covered in soft fabric.

No. 2 Son and his soft, cuddly, toys.

Over a quarter of a century later,

I’m fairly certain he still has them

and that they are in the

same condition.