cut (something) into pieces with repeated sharp blows
of an axe or knife

A steady hand, a sharp chisel and a fast-spinning lathe…

…Quickly sees all unwanted pieces of wood

chopped off leaving a smooth table leg

in its place.

A band saw cuts/chops a section of wood from this block.

Wood, cut into lengths ready for splitting…


…on Vancouver’s

Grouse Mountain,

British Columbia



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Chop



The Adulteress was my second Noelle Harrison read.  After reading girl across the sea, also by Harrison, I was expecting an entertaining read.

However, I knew things were going south during the prologue which I feel must have been the longest I have ever read, and which did nothing for the book in my opinion.  I found it so waffly that I nearly put the book down as a bad joke about halfway through the prologue before I commenced reading chapter one.

I was very disappointed with the writing and storyline and the long-winded descriptive narratives.  In fact, on reflection, I think it could have cut The Adulteress back to a short story.

In short, The Adulteress is about a family (two sisters) and their wants, needs and woes, as children, married teens and as adults.  And whether it was a want, need or woe, it was described in great detail.  Often so much detail that I found it easy to forget exactly what the topic was at beginning of the chapter.


I rated

The Adulteress

as a Two-Star read

simply because I finished the book.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Adulteress

an average of 3.61 stars,

from 150 ratings and

20 reviews.


The Adulteress

can be purchased online at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon






a mechanism for keeping a door, window, lid,
or container fastened, typically operated by a key.


Makartsteg Bridge is one of several bridges crossing

Austria’s Salzach River

in Salzburg.


Because of the thousands of locks that have been

attached to it by lovers of all ages it is also

known as the

Love Lock Bridge