a small mechanical or electronic device or tool,
especially an ingenious or novel one.

I often used to drool when I watched a nail gun at work.

So, when I saw this little one in September pre-pandemic,

I bit the bullet and bought it;

the purchase was made much easier

due to some Father’s Day gift cards that were

burning a hole in my pocket.

It only holds 32 mm nails and staples, however,

I did have a project on the horizon that required

many staples to hold bird wire in place.

It was well worth the cost if only for that project.


However, it quickly became apparent that

a 32 mm nail would have limited use,

so I began pricing nail guns that would

drive a 75 mm nail, my preferred nail length.

MGW and No. 2 son purchased the Ryobi gun (above),

for my birthday, which I talked myself out of returning

as it was only 10 mm shorter nail than the one I wanted,

and we all know 10 mm is nothing, is it?

Except when you need that extra 10 mm in length!

So, I was back on the hunt again to find a deal

in my price range.

The De Walt was my choice of 75 mm nail guns.

This may seem a tad extravagant, however,

when you consider that my hands have

had a tremor in them forever,

my right arm and leg are shaking more,

particularly during the past 4 or 5 years;

I am left-handed, therefore I hold nails in my right hand

to start them which has proved a greater

health hazard during that same 4-5 years,

then purchasing these gadgets not only makes

life easier…but also much safer.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Gadgets


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