(of a place) isolated and hidden away.


I am going to argue that we were sequestered…

…on Botswana’s

Lekhubu IsLand…

…the night we camped there.


It was certainly isolated…

…and whilst to exactly hidden away,

it certainly took a while to find it.


Book Review-Teach-Me-Wolf-#3

Teach Me

(The Wolf Hotel #3)


Nina West

aka – K. A. Tucker

Teach Me
(Wolf Hotels #3), by Nina West, continues after Abbi’s father has had a farming accident.   Leaving her job at Wolf Cove to fly home to Pennsylvania, she has resigned herself to spending the next twenty hours on planes or in airports.  Arriving in Homer she steps off the ferry and immediately finds she is being offered a ride to the airport.  Not the airport she was destined for, but a private airport.  The Wolf Airport.

Once home Abbi again has to face her mother’s wrath, conveniently overlooking all the good Henri had done for the Mitchell family in their time of need.   Mother Mitchell (Bernadette) only had eyes for Jed as a life partner for Abbi, not caring that Abbi and Jed had split because Jed cheated on Abbi.

By this stage, the editing was beginning to annoy me.  Simple words were being left out of the text left right and centre.

For example; straight from the text this sentence reads;

“I smile as reach up to unfasten the top button of my dress.”

Whereas I think either of these alternatives reads much better and makes more sense:

“I smile as (I) reach up to unfasten the top button of my dress.”

“I smile (and) reach up to unfasten the top button of my dress.”

I have one final question to put to the panel;

‘How did Henri acquire rough, calloused, hands?’

There are several references to his calloused hands, however, the only times I have ever seen callous hands was after heavy manual labour and I have chopped enough wood in my life to know that he did not get callouses from the bit he chopped up in book one.

Teach Me moves along at a good pace, however, there were many times when I felt that there could have been a bit more to the plot other than lengthy descriptions of Abbi’s and Henri’s ‘bedroom’ antics.

I have rated

Teach Me

as a three-star read.

At the time of completing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Teach Me

an average of 4.13 stars

from 6,352 ratings

and 399 reviews.

Teach Me

can be purchased online at


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teal aqua

Teal is darker and more greenish-blue. 
Aqua is a lighter blue with some green.


Hopefully, I have managed…

to round up…



…enough images…



…showing signs…

…of teal and…

…or aqua.