fond of games and amusement;

Whether playing with another dog or…


playing with the boys,

our labradors have always enjoyed

some rough house play.



Book Review-Break-Me-Wolfe-#2

Break Me

(The Wolf Hotel #2)


Nina West

Break Me
 (Wolf Hotels #2) virtually commences the day after Nina West’s Tempt Me ends.  Abbi continues with her duties as Henry Wolf’s personal assistant leading up to the opening of the Wolf Cove Hotel, a new addition to the Wolf Chain of Hotels.  An opening where many of the guests are gorgeous and drooling after Henry.  This coupled with Henry’s brother Scott and his lies all create a perfect storm to fuel Abbi’s insecurities and she becomes insanely jealous.  Particularly, after Abbi, sees Henry escorting not one, but two lovely ladies back to their accommodation.  

After the opening and after a predictable argument, Henry cuts his summer short and leaves Alaska, but not before he has transferred Abbi to her first preference; the outdoor crew.  There she reconnects with Ronan and Connor, her workmates for the rest of the summer.


It appears all is over between Abbi and Henry until Abbi receives a phone call from home that turns her world upside down.  And that is where Henry, and his resources, step in to ease her pain.


Break Me moves along at a good pace, however, there were many times when I felt that there could have been a bit more to the plot than the characters portrayed.



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becoming apparent or prominent.


The sun appears to be

emerging from the earth or sea,

depending on one’s location,

as it rises each morning. 


One look at me and these dwarf mongoose

scurried into their anthill home. 

Every now and again some would

pop their heads out to see if I was still there.   

After half an hour of waiting for them

to emerge from the safety of home,

with declining results, I decided to stop wasting

my time, and have a good look at the anthill.


Lo! And behold they had an escape route planned

long before I came along.

Mongoose -1 Tourist – 0



On our last morning in Africa (2013),

I woke earlier than usual

to the sound of breaking branches.

After my eyes became used to the light,

or to the lack thereof,

an elephant emerged out of the gloom,

no doubt on its way to the

Sausage Tree Safari Camp










showing a great deal of variety;
very different.



During our visits to Africa…



…we easily sighted…


…a diverse range of wildlife.


Whether at Rome’s

Trevi Fountain…

…or the Colosseum, there is

huge diversity among visitors.


Melbourne has…

…a diverse…

…range of buskers…

…both in type and age. 


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