Cee-BW-Challenge22-All-Things-on-a Farm



Black and White Challenge.


Good sheep and cattle dogs are the most valuable

asset those farmers can own.

Say hello to Ginger.

My Black and Tan Kelpie.

Ginger made the transition from farm dog

to town dog and passed away in 2015.

Ginger’s father Brandy was my right hand for 13 years

Brandy and Ginger were with me

for a combined total of 27 years.


An eastern view of my woolshed paddock and beyond.

Big squares, as they are known, bales of hay.

Dad’s hay shed.

I spent many hours stacking hay in that shed


Dad’s woolshed was built in the 1950s

with the skillion being added during the 1990s.

There were quite a few vehicles like this

Bullock dray on Dad’s farm, from a bygone era.

He often told stories of bullock drays

and their use on the property

over the road.

The woolshed and machinery shed on our farm.






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