Book Review-Girl-With-No-Home

The Girl With No Home


Sheila Newberry


The Girl With No Home is set in two locations; London 1888 and Kent 1904, and is basically the life story of young, and not so young, Jerusha Carey after she is abandoned by her mother at the age of 7.

After spending time in several foster settings, at age eighteen she meets and marries Dan Applebee who is much older and a reliable farmer from Kent.  Together they commence the quiet secure life she always desired,  with the exception of children.  Then tragedy strikes, leaving Jerusha alone with a farm to manage.

Two years after Dan’s death, Joe Finch arrives on the scene seeking some farm work and a home for his ten-year-old daughter.  It appears that Joe is what Jerusha needs, both as a farmworker and partner.  However, Joe has always been a wanderer and wasn’t home for his daughter’s birth and true to form he repeats the cycle when Jerusha falls pregnant.  Joe leaves for Canada, and work, leaving Jerusha and his daughter all alone to fend for themselves.

Life is made much harder for Jerusha after she delivers a handicapped baby courtesy of a case of rubella during her pregnancy.

Although a bit slow and difficult to follow in places,

I have rated

The Girl With No Home

as a



At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Girl With No Home

an average of 4.16 stars

from 494 ratings

and 18 reviews.


The Girl With No Home

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