measuring a small distance

from end to end.


Some of my measuring tools.

all but the tape measure short distances

or lengths of less than a metre.

Whereas the tape can measure

up to 26 feet or 7.9 metres which

is still short in big pictures terms

but much longer than my squares

or spirit level.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Short






Today, ANZAC Day 2022, in small towns

throughout Australia, New Zealand

and at many sites overseas…

…people of all ages will gather before sunrise

to attend Dawn Services and remember

Wreaths will be laid at local monuments


…to acknowledge the sacrifices made by those

who did, and did not, return from

the Great War and all subsequent conflicts

in which the Australian Military

has participated.

In the afternoon

Collingwood and Essendon football teams

will do battle in what has become one of

the highlights of the

Australian Football League calendar.

With COVID restrictions now lifted a maximum

of 100,024 fans will be allowed into the

Melbourne Cricket Ground

to watch the match which will commence

after ANZAC Day ceremonies

are completed with all in attendance

observing a minute’s silence.


Lest We Forget





take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow.



Impala in Kruger National Park


Wart Hog at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

Wateering Hole

Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa



Elephant Sands

Watering Hole



Thirst quenched at

Elephant Sands




One Word Sunday Challenge:...Drink