easy to mould, cut, compress, or fold;
not hard or firm to the touch.


Soft…and my first thoughts

were of our second born

and his collection of soft toys.

Which he still has!


My next thoughts turned to photography

and soft-focus…not as in bokeh, rather

just to take the harshness out of an image.












a hard mineral consisting of silica,
found widely in igneous and metamorphic rocks
and typically occurring as colourless
or white hexagonal prisms.


Although I cannot see any green (colour vision loss)

in this Amythest now, which may be due

to using an on-camera flash for the photo,

I thought I could when I purchased it for MGW

for our 35th wedding anniversary a month or so ago. 

The stone is an Amythest (our birthstone)

which, according to Google, is

a member of the quartz family.