having or representing animal forms
or gods of animal form.

Unless stated otherwise…

…all of these images…

…were captured in…

…the Hamilton Botanical…

…(Tudor) Gardens…


…New Zealand’s…

…North Island.

These last two while still in the

Hamilton Botanical Gardens…


…were not part of the Tudor Gardens.






dog walking

the act of a person walking with a dog,

Fortunately, our backyard is large enough for Candi

to exercise as much as she likes.

Whether simply running at full pace,

or chasing after and catching…


…a favourite toy….until exhausted.

While Candi runs to burn off her energy,

Taji favours armchair style exercise.


It is very seldom that Taji…


…gets involved in actual exercise…

…as these images depict.

Having said that, about two years ago

we had a change of neighbours.

They brought two miniature dogs with them.

A male and female.

For some reason, the three females

co-exist peacefully, either side of the fence.

However, add the male to the mix and suddenly

we have four dogs charging up and down

the fence line until they tire of their play.

Tahi is usually first to toss it in, as 200 metres

at full speed is about all she can do.

However, Candi and the little foxie last a lot longer.

 The fence line to which I am referring is

around 97 metres end to end

and their run varies in length.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Dog-Walking