Book Review-Hidden-In-Plain-Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight


Jeffery Archer


Hidden In Plain Sight follows on after Nothing Ventured with William continuing his good work in the police force.  Hidden In Plain Sight opens at the same cracking pace that Nothing Ventured attained and that which is expected from a Jeffery Archer novel.

William is progressing through the ranks and finds himself with a Drug Squad that is trying to catch to of the major drug importers in London.  One of the targets is Miles Faulkner who has a 4 year suspended sentence hanging over his head courtesy of the judiciary system in Nothing Ventured.  The other villain in Hidden in Plain Sight is Khalil Rashidi.  Rashidi is a drug dealer, of note, operating out of South London.

Faulkner and Rashidi meet and bond in Pentonville Prison where they bot being held pending their respective trials.  All the while Christina, Faulkner’s, soon to be, ex-wife is angling to have Faulkner’s 73 paintings, which for his entire art collection held locally, included in her divorce settlement.

Faulkner is soon in a courtroom again where again Booth Watson is his adversary

Although Sir Julian does not think of women being good enough to be a QC he does appoint Grace as his junior, where she earns some respect from her father.

I rated

Hidden In Plain Sight

as a

Four Star read.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Hidden In Plain Sight

an average of 3.98 stars

from 9,853 ratings

and 793 reviews.


Hidden In Plain Sight

can be purchased online at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon

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