The Girl Across The Sea

Noelle Harrison


The Girl Across The Sea was my first read by Noelle Harrison.  I’m sure it will not be my last.

The Girl Across The Sea is told in then and now chapters and follows the life of seventeen-year-old Ellen, who leaves Ireland for America, in 1925, meets someone during the four-day crossing and is married four weeks after arriving in New York

For unknown reasons Ellen does not want to return to Ireland, so when her husband gets a job in Ireland eight years and one daughter later, Ellen abandons daughter Brigid and her husband leaving them to sail to Ireland alone.

Ellen’s life in America is interesting and varied, to say the least.  She constantly thinks of Brigid, but not so of her husband Giles.  By the time Ellen reaches her mid-seventies she has been married to Jack for over fifty years and has lived with him in a house, he built on the West Coast of Canada’s Victoria Island for the same amount of time.

Brigid’s story begins when she is almost on her death bed.  Brigid has one daughter, Mairead, and a granddaughter, Stella.  Brigid and Mairead have never had a great Mother/Daughter relationship. However, all seems to be resolved during the last few weeks of her life.  On her deathbed, Brigid asks Mairead to find her mother, Ellen; to which Mairead agrees.

I think The Girl Across The Sea would make a good mini-series or movie.



I rated

The Girl Across The Sea

as a

four-star audiobook


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Girl Across The Sea

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The Girl Across The Sea

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unable to find one’s way;
not knowing one’s or
something’s whereabouts



Some years ago now, we purchased and installed

into our garden our new piece of garden art,


…in between a newish shrub and

a  then, smallish flax plant

Time has passed and our once prominent

piece of artwork has almost become

a lost piece of art…

…mostly due to its neighbour

the New Zealand Flax. 

The timing of this post could not have been better

as it was only this past week that I noticed

how overgrown our garden art had become.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Lost









On Friday we ventured, by 4WD, up to Craigs Hut

which featured in the 1982 movie

The Man From Snowy River

The movie was based on a poem by Banjo Paterson,

of the same name and starred a

young Tom Burlinson and Kirk Douglas.

Naturally, there were a few other

points of interest during our 12 hour day, 

550-kilometre round trip adventure.