in, relating to, or characteristic of
a town or city.


Although there is no challenge this week

I decided to add another post

to last week’s

Urban Focus


Geelong by day

from my hospital room in May 2021.

This hospital is located nearly at the edge of the city.


The Eastern Beach Geelong


Eastern Beach Geelong


From the top of these pathways…


…beachgoers are only about a five-minute walk

from the Geelong CBD.









printed multicoloured cotton fabric with a glazed finish,

used for curtains and upholstery

If this is not chintz, then I am sure it was originally…

…coz’ even though MGW stated it is more Jacquard,

she has also agreed that its original covering

was very similar to the florals on the

Weekly Prompt website.


The setting originally belong to MGW’s Grandmother

and would be around 50 – 60 years old.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Chintz