having or showing a tendency
to be easily angered


Irascible is not a word I would use

to describe any labrador

I have had anything to do with.


I am more likely to use the words good-natured…

…when describing ours, or any, labradors.





spring critters

give birth to.

Although our honeyeaters seem to be active all year round

we are more likely to see a frustrated adult in spring.

We tend to see reptiles more in the warmer weather

than in the winter months.

Bees are also more active in spring…

…than they are in autumn.

Definitely a spring scene


Two shorn ewes and six woolly lambs,

which are almost ready for sale.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Spring-Critters






I had to delve into the archives…


…for autumn images as we are a week or two away…

…from traditional autumn photos.


My Father always described the wattle (Acacia) trees

as the first signs of spring. 

Since we moved from the farm our climate

is different and acacias tend to bloom in July,

which is a bit early for spring. 

However, it is nice to have something

bright and cheery in bloom in mid-July.


Blooming in August our daffodils are definitely

an early sign of spring.


Followed by fruit trees in bloom… 

…come late September.










too attractive and tempting to be resisted.

Our granddaughter had an irresistible urge

to climb into the box.

Trouble was she had not, at that stage,

read the chapter titled

‘How to get out of a box’  😉

I’m sure her reaction would be

the same the world over!