Seven or eight years ago this family of magpies

would come when called for some bread.



They were bold enough…


…that they would come to the back door.


The adult would grab…

….and run…


…leaving the baby pie to wonder

why they were still hungry.


All was well with the magpies…until…


….a new member of the ard decreed that food

on the ground was for dogs, not birds.


…and that is the reason why magpies

are no longer fed our backyard.



6 thoughts on “Sunday-Stills22-0207-Feed-The-Birds

  1. A week late but never too late to get those birds fed, Don! Those magpies are very competitive! Great shots and story! We had a few generations in my former backyard, and my black and white dog, Oreo “played” with them. Once he passed away and my cat had run of the yard for a short time, he chased off the magpies. They were bold!


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