Book Review-Tempt-Me-Wolfe-1

Tempt Me

(The Wolf Hotel #1)

Nina West


Nina West’s Tempt Me commences in a small town in Pennsylvania where 21 year old, Abbigail (Abbi) Mitchell has been dating or friendly with the Minister’s son, Jed, forever and both sets of parents are expecting to hear the sounds of wedding bells sometime in the future.

It would be fair to say that Abbi and Jed think along those lines also as they have decided to save themselves for their wedding night.  Although, discovering Jed in bed with another girl does change that for Abbi.

Both sets of parents justify Jed’s actions as sowing his wild oats.  Even Abbi’s overbearing and pious mother tells Abbi she should stick around until Jed finishes sowing his wild oats.

Abbi, however, has other ideas and applies for a summer job with the outdoor crew at Wolf Hotels’ new hotel in Alaska.   Abbi sets of for the Alaskan wilderness not knowing what to expect and finds herself working and living with an extremely active group of people her own age, and working for Henry Wolf the Wolf Hotels C.E.O., as his personal assistant with no experience whatsoever.


Circulating rumours about Henry’s sexual appetite are soon proven to be true.   However, is everything different this time?  As Abbi hopes it will.  The amount of time spent describing (in detail) Henry and Abbi’s romps, is a bit over the top, in my opinion.  However, I guess the publishers wanted some padding without which Tempt Me would be a simple romance of the short-story variety.  Or….am I getting older and showing my age?

I have rated Tempt Me as a three-star read.



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Tempt Me

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