gather (leftover grain) after a harvest

Every time Taji is let off her chain

she checks out the areas where Candi

may have been eating for leftovers.


Kind-hearted soul she is, she will also,

check Candi’s kennel whether

Candi is in residence or not.






Mary’s Musket

(Clover Creek Caravan #2)


Kirsten Osbourne

If you are a series reader, that is book one to the end of series, you may be frustrated with Mary’s Musket, as I was.

Mary’s Musket commences not after, but during the last few chapters of Hannah’s Hanky, and spends roughly twenty percent of the book regurgitating those last Hannah’s Hanky chapters from Mary’s point of view.

As per the title Mary’s Musket focuses on Mary and her hunting skills, a fact thoroughly established in book #1 Hannah’s Hanky,  and also on her marriage to ‘…the most perfect husband ever…’.

And again the repetition continues; with the perfect husband/wife sentiment are repeated seemingly, ad nauseum.  Another passage that is comical, boring, silly or stupid is Mary’s thoughts about sex.  She focuses so much on bulls and the fact that cows and heifers do not appear to enjoy mating that she almost ruins her wedding night.

Again author Osbourne has ended her tale abruptly and for no apparent reason.

After reading Mary’s Musket it is highly unlikely that I will ever reach the end of the Oregon Trail.   However, I will never say ‘never‘ as each book only contains 10 chapters.


Ordinary editing and repetitive writing and dialogue were contributing factors to the book not flowing well and not receiving a higher rating from this reviewer.

I rated

Mary’s Musket 

 as a

two-star read, at best.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Mary’s Musket

an average of 4.28 stars

  from 334 ratings

 and 16 reviews


Mary’s Musket

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon







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