the particular condition that someone
or something is in at a specific time

The state Maggie was in made us certain…

…based on these circumstantial images that…

…that she was guilty of digging in the garden,

or digging somewhere as we never did find

a site that had been interfered with.







step by step

so as to progress gradually and carefully
from one stage to the next


All of my handyman projects commence their life

as little more than a doodle,

which is then further refined by adding

some rough measurements.

Then I check what available timber I have in my shed

and what timber I need to purchase.

At this point, measurements are still flexible.

By flexible I mean if I have an 1800mm piece of timber

but have measurements for two pieces a 920mm

I would trim the 920 to 900mm as was

done when building kennels.

The reverse scenario also applies.

This avoids much wastage and odd lengths sitting

on my timber racks waiting to be used.

There is no flexibility left after these decisions

have been made.


With the box constructed…

…the owner was asked in

for one final inspection…

…and a sniff of approval…



…prior to the roof being added.


With a certificate of occupancy, being approved

by the tenant, then and only then,

are owners allowed their first sleep in their new home.

Naturally soft furnishings are added as required


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Step-by-Step