Hannah’s Hanky

(Clover Creek Caravan #1)


Kirsten Osbourne


Set in the mid-1800s while wagon trains were still heading west, Hannah’s Hanky tells the story of an arranged marriage to the wagon train’s preacher (Jed) and Hannah, the step-daughter of the not very nice Mr Gaitlin.

Hannah has only remained at her family home to help her mother endure her marriage to Hannah’s stepfather. One day Mr Gaitlin (stepfather) arrives home and announces that he has arranged a marriage for Hannah tomorrow and if she doesn’t want to be married she is welcome to leave the house at her earliest convenience. After this ultimatum, Hannah agrees to meet the man, marrying him if she wants to. Jed and Hannah meet, agree to marry and so begins their life together on the Oregon Trail.

Hannah strikes up a friendship with twenty-three-year-old single Mary. Mary can outshoot any man she knows and is only on the rail because her mother needs help with Mary’s siblings the eldest of which is nearly ten years younger than may.

Hannah’s Hanky ends abruptly in my opinion just three weeks into a six-month journey.

The story is readable and enjoyable, however, there is far too much simplistic conversation for my liking. Passages similar to: ‘…It will be another long hard day tomorrow…’ ‘Yes, they will all be long hard days on the Trail…’ I quickly tired of reading the words ‘long hard days’. This phrase could/should have been tightened up. Once or twice in a chapter would have been enough and not four or five times in consecutive lines.

In one chapter there was a report of a five-year-old who had shot himself in the foot. Several pages later the same report came through. I was thinking he had been shot in the other foot until I read a Goodreads review pointing out the error in writing or editing. I couldn’t be bothered going back, to find the first reported shooting.

I rated Hannah’s Hanky as a three-star read, at best.

Hannah’s Hanky

 as a

three-star read

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Hannah’s Hanky

an average of 4.21 stars

  from 728 ratings

 and 42 reviews


Hannah’s Hanky

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon

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