For Cee’s MidWeek Madness last week

I included the image above…

…which was cropped from this image

of a Galah.



Geelong Cement Works Art


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*  the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a shop
or warehouse and available for sale or distribution
*   the capital raised by a company or corporation through
the issue and subscription of shares.


While many may not consider a farm to be a business it is.

And a very scientific one at that.


Primary production is a business where livestock is

bred and/or raised on much larger premises,

for sale and/or production of goods for consumers.

In many cases, farms are supplying a world economy

and not simply a domestic market.


Screenshot from the Australian Stock Exchange homepage

at the close of trading Friday, January 7, 2022.

My second definition of stock relates to the world’s Stock Markets.

Stock markets provide a forum where ordinary people are

able to purchase shares in individual companies which

then pay dividends (interim and final) each year. 

In many cases, companies will often pay the tax

on their dividends as well. 

So in effect, it is nearly tax-free income for shareholders. 

I have heard it said:

‘…why put your money in the bank

(and watch its value shrink due to inflation)

why not own the bank instead…’

(or at least a small part of it)


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Stock