From his Salzburg streetscape,

I noticed the artwork

on the right…

…cropped it thusly, noticing the lion as I did,

and then spotted the Golden Arches.

Furthermore, I think that the arches

are part of the artwork and not

just a lucky placement on another building.



Geelong Cement Works Art


Marsha’s Public Art                      Cee’s Public Art

0200 Saturday





a new dawn

A new beginning; a fresh start;
an important, promising turning point.


Being a tad literal, some of my new dawns

captured during the past few years.


Geelong prior to sunrise.


Griffin Gully pier.


October 2021.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...A-New-Dawn







the point in time or space at
which something begins

I’m sure many believe a journey begins as

we board the plane, train,

cruise ship or car.

In our case, we are just over an hour

from Melbourne Airport.

So does our journey begin at the airport,

the moment we begin our drive to

the airport; or did it begin

up to two years earlier,

when we commenced planning

our trip to wherever?