A colourful array of Peruzzi Leather Belts

in Florence







relating to water

Prior to our visit to Lucerne, I had never thought…

…of Switzerland as having an…

…aquatic recreational industry.

I was so wrong.


Geelong’s Corio Bay…

…is another story…

A glimpse of the Bay from anywhere…


…and you will see signs of aquatic recreation…

…and that is before you are anywhere near the Marina.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Aquatic






I have to say my most memorable events

are the birth of our two boys and our first grandchild.

The former because I was there.

The latter, because she was, is, a bright note

in a year of lockdowns.


Number 1 Son at 12 hours


Number 2 at 12 hours.



Last year in early March (2021)

we received our first photos

of our first grandchild from across the ditch.

She was  born in her mother’s hometown

in New Zealand


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In early May 2021, I spent about a week in hospital

after my left knee replacement surgery.


Above is the day and night view over Geelong

from my hospital bed.