In among our Blue Gum plantation

is one of the most serene places

I can think of.

In the middle of the paddock I would

shut down the vehicle I was driving

and just sit and listen to the

deafening sounds of silence.

A silence only broken by the breeze in the leaves,

birdsong and the occasional kangaroo or wallaby

as bounds away to perceived safety.


Driving through the temperate rainforests

near the Great Ocean Road

Is where this image was taken.


In 2017 I visited the

Western Front Battlefields

including Belgium’s

Toronto Avenue Cemetery…


…which had to be the most serene cemetery

on the Western Front.

Aalthough having made that assertion

all the cemeteries we visited had

an air of serenity about them



How ever many you have in your house

for Christmas 2021,

may we wish you all the blessings…

…a gathering of your clan may bring.

Merry Christmas

one and all!

And may your world have a

Happy and Safe New Year



Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Serene

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We decided that we would not…


…not ride London’s famous Eye…


…and remained steadfast with our decision

until we were shown some after dark

images taken from the Eye.



…I think this is…


…a fantastic display of…

…Christmas lights.


In July 2021 we visited,

with all family members,

a Winter Wonderland

light display.


The display was aimed…


…to entertain young children.

However, it did a good job of keeping

children of all ages entertained

on a cold winter night.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Fantastic