Weekend Black and White


When those in power decided to raze the

Geelong Cement Works,

not only were these

iconic buildings destroyed…

…also razed was this artwork which greeted

visitors from South-Western Victoria

as they approached Geelong.





0500 Saturday – 1900 Monday




Christmas dinner

the main meal on Christmas day,
eaten any time in the afternoon
or evening


Christmas dinner (lunch if you will) is eaten

at 12 midday sharp…depending on the

latecomers in the family.


I daresay all crockery will be paper again

as no one wants to be slaving over

a sink full of dishes after

Christmas dinner.


Especially with the temperature forecast

to be 27 or 28 degrees Celsius.


After lunch is cleared away we all

move to our living room where the

nominated Santa oversees the

exchanging of gifts.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Christmas-Dinner