My choice this week was to drag out

as many Christmas tree photos

from years gone by.

Christmas Day 2014

Many of my images are taken in early

December when our tree is decorated.


With two sisters-in-law we only have

Christmas at home every third year…



…and our trees tend to towards a lonely look

when it comes to gifts under the tree.


Although 2020 was another Christmas where

both boys spent Christmas with their in-laws,

our tree appeared to be more interesting

than some other years.


I am planning to get a night shot of

this year’s tree as well.


How ever many you have in your house

for Christmas 2021,

may we wish you all the blessings…

…a gathering of your clan may bring.

Merry Christmas

one and all!

And may our world have a

Happy and Safe New Year



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10 thoughts on “Lens-ArtistPC-178-My-Choice

  1. A lovely walk down memory lane Woolly. As the family grows up it becomes harder and harder to get them together but when they do join us it’s that’s much more special! Happy Holidays to you!


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