a financial gain, especially the difference
between the amount earned
and the amount spent in buying, operating,
or producing something.


When producing wool expenses are high

and returns are slim.

Take into account one’s own time,

that is pay yourself a wage and

profit is non-existent.


However, when growing trees

landholder expenses are almost non-existent

leaving the majority of returns in the

landholder’s pocket as profit.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Profit





the quality of being honest


In 1980 I took a cruise to Tahiti. One of our ports of call was one of

the French-speaking islands a few days

sailing prior to reaching Tahiti.

110 Francs was equal to 1 Dollar.

Very roughly 100 Francs was the same as 1 Dollar.

After a while, I called in at a coffee shop

for a 50 Fr. cup of coffee.

At another table were two tourists who were

being very critical of the island, and its currency.

They emptied all their change onto their

table to pay for two coffees.

The waiter came along and took around 400 Francs.

At this stage, there were only 50 francs left on the table.

After a quick thought also disappeared

and then was returned as change.

All his time the tourists were being loudly critical

of their hosts for the day.

The 1980 version of me was at first annoyed

with the waiter and his lack of honesty.

However, that only lasted a few seconds

before my anger towards fellow countrymen

grew and I began thinking they deserved

exactly what they received.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Honesty