giving a feeling of comfort,
warmth, and relaxation.


Taji and Candi always look cosy

in their kennels surrounded

by blankets.


Even timid Smudge is happy in his 10 x 10foot

cage during the day. 

We have the door set so that he can get in

but not dogs. 

It keeps him under control at night and gives him

a safe place to run to during the day.   

I built him a rudimentary box in which he spends

most of his daylight hours keeping a

keen eye on the backyard.




Both dogs also have a bed on the back verandah.

Should the weather come from the west,

as it often does here, both pooches

scamper for their kennels.

Every now and then Candi decides it’s time

to spring clean Taji’s bedding…

…and every day she pulls her own bedding

out to air off while she sits on it. 

Once and only once have I seen

her pulling bedding into her kennel

at the end of the day.













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