an outline of land and buildings defined against the sky.


Melbourne skyline across Port Phillipp Bay

approximately 40 kilometres in the distance.

Melbourne skyline


From a hot air balloon.

Approaching Melbourne on

the Port Phillip Ferry.

Melbourne from Williamstown Marina…

…I think I almost prefer

the Black and White version.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Skyline




No knight…just a suit of shining armour.


Geelong lights shining on Corio Bay.



Sunshine on Corio bay


Morning sunshine…


…on Corio Bay



One dinner course on The Q Train


A Photo a Week Challenge:…Shiny








Until it broke, a few years ago,

I was almost certain that this ring

contained rubies.


I hope this rose is getting close

to a shade of ruby.


After reading your post, Terri…

…I hope my maple leaves are close to… 

…the mark for this week’s challenge.