put forward (someone or something) with approval

as being suitable for a particular purpose or role



If anyone were to ask,

I would happily recommend…

my Nikon D7100 or my Nikon D750

as I am a fan of both.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Recommend


The End Of Her


Shari Lapena 


The End Of Her is my second of Shari Lapena’s novels and I still have several I plan to read.

Patrick and Stephanie are happily married and parents of young colicky twins.  They are both sleep-deprived, especially Stephanie, however, they are coping, just, when along comes Erica one of Patrick’s old flames.  Patrick and Erica had an affair just prior to the death of Patrick’s first wife.  She died of carbon monoxide poisoning.  A death ruled as accidental by the coroner of the time.  Erica’s arrival casts some doubt on that finding, suggesting that Patrick is a murderer.

All the while Patrick protests his innocence and that Erica is only trying to blackmail him and Stephanie who recently has inherited millions of dollars.  Contrary to Erica, Patrick also claims the affair was nothing more than a couple of one night stands.

A new inquest into the death of Patrick’s first wife again finds he has no case to answer.  However, is he to be arrested and sent to trial for murder?  How many people has Erica blackmailed over the years?  Will she get away with it?  The question is who is telling the truth.  Is it Erica, Patrick or both?

I thoroughly enjoyed The End Of Her and did not come anywhere near picking the ending.

I rated

The End of Her

as a solid

four-star read

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The End of Her

an average of 3.79 stars

from 43,821 ratings

and 4,329 reviews


The End of Her

can be purchased online at

Fishpond, Booktopia and Amazon




Bliss for me is being…


…able to capture Mother Nature…

…as she bids the world…


…Good Morning.


During recent years…

…I have noted that it matters not if you are in

Botswana’s Kalahari Desert…

…South Africa’s

Greater Kruger National Park…


…or 30 minutes out of Geelong…


goodnight’s are…


…equally impressive.


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