The Guilty Wife


Elle Croft

Bethany Reston is a photographer running her own business and all is well until she lands a job photographing a documentary about billionaire Calum Bradley’s life. A straightforward client/photographer relationship begins and all is well until client and photographer merge into one.

Bethany still loves her husband, Jason, but she has also fallen for Calum.  Although professing to love Jason and Calum, Bethany does not reveal to Jason, that she is having an affair with Calum.

One night after a late meeting in a seedy part of town, someone sticks a knife into Calum.  If you guessed that Bethany is the only person to show up on nearby CCTV cameras, you would be correct.  Bethany then spends a large portion of the book avoiding being arrested for a murder she did not commit.  However, readers of crime know all is not going to end well for Bethany.  She eventually is arrested,  tried, and convicted by the dumbest jury ever.

There are parts where I think The Guilty Wife drags a tad and for this reason alone I have reduced it to a four-star read.  However, overall an entertaining read.

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