a peculiar or characteristic habit
or mannerism.

We are uncertain how it started…

…however, Candi’s party trick is…

…to fetch and catch her play rope.


A ball or any other type of throwable toy

does not hold her interest for long.


I have seen many kelpies during my working life

and none of them ever showed the energy

she possesses for chasing a bit of rope.

I guess she has never worked a day in her

life though and she expends her energy

chasing a rope…if she can con someone

into throwing it.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Trick




Beach sand

Dry, sandy, creek bed in South Africa.

Dune bashing

…in the Arabian Desert…


…near Dubai

Our destination at last.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:…Sand-Dirt






One of our younger Mock Orange shrubs. 

The blue/purple flowering shrub on the right is nameless,

however, it should be called ever flowering

as it has had flowers on it for

twelve consecutive months now.